Turning Photos into Art

turning photos into art

There’s never been a better time to turn your photos into art with alternative prints.  With the boom of mobile photography, and dropping DSLR prices – as well as the constantly-improving technology of cheap point and shoot cameras – just about any device can land you with a photo worthy of printing.  Of course you could go the easy route and order some 4×6 prints from Walgreens, or break out an all-in-one photo printer for some super 8×10 prints.  But what if you want something a little different?  Check out these options for turning photos into art.

Turning Photos into Art:  3 Ideas for Alternative Prints

There are now many ways to share your photos.  I won’t recommend you put photos on tee shirts or coffee mugs, but you can definitely go that route if you don’t think it’s tacky.

Cardboard Prints

Where to find them:  http://www.staticpixels.com/

turning photos into art

At the time of this article, the website is down for maintenance, but Static Pixels allows photographs to be printed onto corrugated cardboard.  Color accuracy is decent, and the texture of the cardboard gives the photos a grainy appearance.  Sizes range from 5x to 20×20 inches, and prices from $25 to $89, respectively.  Sound steep?  That $25 lands you four prints, so you can save a little money if you go the small route.

Instant Film Prints

Where to find them:  Fuji/Impossible Project/Photojojo.com

There are several options available for those looking to do instant photo prints from digital files.  All of the options are essentially the same, but with their own little quirks.

turning photos into art

On the smallest end of the spectrum, you have the Fuji Instax Share SP-1, which uses Fuji Instax Mini instant film (the cheapest and the most readily-available of all instant films).  You can buy it on Amazon for as little as $230.

turning photos into art

If you want slightly larger prints, you can check out the Instant Photo Lab from the Impossible Project – the dudes from NYC who make film that works in old Polaroid cameras.  Turning your photos into art this way, you’ll get prints larger than the Fuji Instax Mini, but at about twice the cost (for the prints).  Head over to Photojojo.com to snag one of these for yourself, at about $300 a pop.

Sticker Prints

Where to find them:  a mercurial place known only as “the internet”

turning photos into art

Here’s how this works.  You buy the paper and print photos on it (or order transparent stickers from a photo-printing site) and then you slap it on whatever you want.  This can be pretty cool when turning photos into art gets boring, and you want to turn everyday objects into art.  Need ideas?  Ceramic dinner plates, skateboard decks, wood surfaces…just about anything flat might work.  Two things to keep in mind here:  if you print stickers yourself, some will only work with Laser Printers.  Research this before you try it.  Also, don’t eat food off of plates you’ve adhered stickers to.  It just isn’t safe.

So…go ahead and give them a whirl.  Taking the photo and simply saving it for later – or uploading it to an image-sharing website like Flickr, Facebook, or 500px – doesn’t have to be the final step.  Turning photos into art doesn’t have to be curtailed to these three methods, either.  Go wild!  Experiment!  There’s always room to expand and improve.


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