Sennheiser releases HD 800S Anniversary Edition (Limited Edition Gold Color)

Sennheiser hd800s

This year 2020 will mark  75 years of Sennheiser providing quality audio technology to customers around the world, to celebrate, they are releasing this special update of the much loved HD 800S.

One quick scour of the internet can tell you that the HD 800 S is one of the most well-reviewed and highly sought after headphones on the planet. The biggest reason for this here is – no surprise – the utterly unique sonic experience that they can offer.  The HD 800 S is in the absolute top class when it comes to headphones that can provide high levels of clarity, fidelity, and spacious sound staging for even the most complex multi-texture and polyphonic mixes. In fact, they boast right on the box that you very well may hear new and illuminating details, even in your favorite song you’ve listened to thousands of times.

This new anniversary edition isn’t going to fix anything that isn’t broken, but it will deliver the outstanding listening experience that Sennheiser users – and specifically HD 800S users, have come to know and love. 

Inside is the storage box, which is hinged on the backside and opens upward  The box itself is a sleek and classy looking black material with a minimalist design, featuring only a small Sennheiser logo on the front side.

The material on the inside of the box is a fairly rigid foam with cutouts to keep everything packed in tight during any kind of shipping or handling. This interior is a change from the original packaging of the HD 800S, which featured a more padded leathery type fabric on the interior of the box. This foam works just as well to keeping everything secure, and it even has some sparkly detail marbled throughout to retain that shimmery wow effect every time you open the box back up.

The box here looks nearly identical to the standard HD 800 S, with the name of the brand, the model, and the logo on the front – the exception being that the picture here demonstrates the new gold finish on and around the open-back ear cups. There’s also a commemorative 75th-anniversary blurb on the reverse side with a bit of history, and a guarantee of an exceptional audio experience. 

Inside the center of the box are the headphones themselves, already attached with the unique dual pin connectors on either side of the headphone. This terminates in a quarter inch connection on the end. These also come with a user USB flash drive.

Also inside the box is a black fabric drawstring pouch which features a 4.4mm balanced connection. It’s worth noting that earlier versions of the HD 800 S came with a balanced XLR 4 pin cable as another connection option (available as an option), but this has since been discontinued in favor of the 4.4mm balanced cable.

Now, on to the centerpiece of this limited edition: the headphones themselves. 

The brand new gold finish provides a  smooth and sleek color contrast that pops nicely against the silvery mesh of the housing and the rich black color of the headband. It’s not the shinier more gaudy gold that you might first think  would come with a limited edition release, and I actually think that the smoother, mellow, more subtle gold color suits the aesthetic better. However, these can tend to look more off white or silver depending on your lighting, just due to how subtle the color is. 

The materials here are predominantly a mix of metal components and high end plastics developed in the aerospace industry for an optimal mix of high strength and durability with light weight and comfort. 

Many users of the HD 800 S will tell you it’s just about one of the most comfortable over-ear headphones that you are ever likely to wear. they are extremely light, and the open back design is spacious and breathable, so it will never lead to overheating. This makes these cans  ideal for classical music, intensive  gaming, binge-watching, or just long durational listening sessions, as after a while you forget you’re even wearing them,  

The earpads are handcrafted and made from the super soft microfiber cloth. They tailor to the slight angle of the earcup, a design which aims to alter the direction at which the soundwaves hit the ear, so as to provide for the most realistic and natural imaging possible. The headband is outfitted with the same microfiber cloth material and features a nice fluid adjustment mechanic for a satisfying feel and a perfect fit.   

The Sennheiser HD 800 S is one of the best high-end headphones available on the market PERIOD. If you’ve always wanted to upgrade to the next level in terms of sound detail and purity, or are even on the fence, then there’s no better time to make the leap.

This new gold color HD 800 S is only available for a limited time, with only 750 units on the market worldwide.