Photography Projects: New Year Resolutions

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It’s New Years Eve!   WOOOOOOOOOO!  But while we get ready to ring in the new year, it’s the perfect time to consider photo-related New Year Resolutions in the form of….photography projects!

Ten Photography Projects for the New Year

1.  Standard 365 Project

We’ve all heard about it and most of us have tried it.  Take a picture of anything, but take one a day for 365 days.  Surprisingly hard for some of us and seemingly easy for others, this is your standard year-long photography project.

photography projects new year resolutions image

2.  Meals, Food

For all the foodies out there, this one is fairly easy.  Just photograph a meal or a food item once a day, or once a week for something special.

3.  News/Media

Take photos of headlines, new images, and other information that constitutes “news”.  You can even incorporate personal news – Facebook and Twitter messages, emails, and texts.  Make a time capsule of important information over the year.

photography projects new year resolutions image

4.  Self Portraits

A photo a day…will probably show how you age.  But don’t let that stop you.  Plenty of artists have used the self portrait as a means to study themselves, and while other photographers have done this, it shouldn’t stop you from following suite.

5.  Manual Progress

Want to ensure you become a better photographer over the coming year?  Limit yourself to one exposure per day.  If the exposure isn’t right, keep it anyway.  The next day take another photograph, again limiting yourself to one exposure.

photography projects new year resolutions image

6.  Commute Photography

Do you spend an hour or more commuting every day?  Take a photo along the way and record your commute for a year.

7.  Multi Media

Combine more than one form of media:  use text, images, and sound to create new photographic experiences.

photography projects new year resolutions image

8.  Talk to Strangers

Talk to one stranger every day, with the aim of taking a photograph of that stranger.  Go a little further if you want and record your conversations.  Talk about anything.

photography projects new year resolutions image

9.  Signs!

Photograph signs, advertisements, posters, and warnings.  Anything written is your friend.  This photography project won’t just speak about what you see, but what you think and feel in response.

10.  Weekly/Monthly Collage

Take one photo per day, and every week blend or stitch the photos together to make one composite.  at the end of every month, print your composites and physically join them together.  At the end of the year you will have twelve collages detailing your life in 2014.

So there ya go, folks!  Ten ideas you can use, modify, combine, or ignore!  Good luck and keep shooting!


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