Olympus E-M10 Review and Samples

olympus e-m10 sample image

Today (tonight?), I took the Olympus E-M10 out for a spin around Midtown.  Actually, I took around Times Square for a little bit, before getting depressed at how garish and commercial that place is.  But I digress.  Here’s my working review of the Olympus E-M10, with specific regards to how well this camera works on the street and in low light.  So if your an urban shooter, or a night shooter, this review is for you.

Olympus E-M10:  a Proper Camera in its Own Right

A lot of reviews and commentary on this camera are going on about where it sits in the Olympus lineup.  Depending on who you are (and in some cases, whether or not you already purchased an E-M5), this camera is either the camera that has replaced the E-M5, or a lacking upstart.

olympus e-m10 sample image

The Olympus E-M10 has a similar overall design to that of the 5, the big points of interest being a loss of weather sealing and accessory port, but the added features of a pop-up flash and built in WiFi.  I didn’t test either of these features this time around, because we all know how they work, and the big question for this camera, more than any other, is who should buy it.

Should you buy it?  What is it good for?  How does it perform in real world scenarios?  Is it on-par with other similarly-priced cameras out there?

Here are your answers.

olympus e-m10 sample image olympus e-m10 sample image olympus e-m10 sample image olympus e-m10 sample image olympus e-m10 sample image olympus e-m10 sample image olympus e-m10 sample image olympus e-m10 sample image OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


So what reasons would compel someone to buy this camera, or, why should anyone anywhere buy it?  Do not be mistaken – despite the fact that it’s a decent little camera, it certainly isn’t for everyone.  While the E-M5 began the OM-D series, and the E-M1 offered numerous advantages, the E-M10 is that entry-level model for those who want to go Micro Four-Thirds, but haven’t yet.  It’s a camera aimed at people who want something along the lines of a DSLR, but in a slightly more stylish and a little bit more expensive body.

Image quality is alright, with moderate but permissible grain around 3200, but getting worse from there – to the point of marring your images.  Considering that most people who will buy this price-conscious camera are going to be uploading to Facebook and Flickr, and probably not doing large prints, this camera could work for a certain demographic.  Is image quality on par with an entry level DSLR from Canon or Nikon?  No, but it doesn’t have to be, either.

For street shooting, like all other Olympus cameras, it’s a decent little shooter, with the strongest selling point being its portability.  Travel photographers will also appreciate this characteristic, and for those who want something marginally more robust than a Stylus or compact or even a Pen camera, the Olympus E-M10 would be the route to go.


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