New Canon Sensor Boasts 120 MP, Equivalent to Human Eye

Coming out of CP+ today, and apparently big enough of a story to find it’s way to my desk, a new Canon sensor prototype sports a wopping 120 megapixels, with a pixel count equivalent to the amount of photoreceptors in the human eye.

New Canon Sensor Boasts 120 MP, Equivalent to Human Eye


What does it mean?  Either this sensor takes incredibly detailed, high-resolution and space-hogging images, or it’s another one of those clever sensor-marketing ploys about how “natural” the images look.

In support of the pixel-count-equivalency claim, there is the whopping resolution of this sensor – a not-too-shabby 13280 x 9184 pixels.

So, um, yeah…

Any chance that this new Canon sensor is going to make it to a camera soon?  No.  Ever?  Probably not.  Canon has a reputation for cranking out prototypes that don’t go anywhere (the Canon Wonder Camera, the Colani designs, etc.).  That and the simple fact that overall, the physical size of the sensor is APS-H, and not Full Frame (and therefore not “professional”).

Applications – at some point down the road, Canon posit – may include videography or astrophotography.  Which seems kind of mean when you consider that the Nikon D810A just came out and now there’s this 120 MP sensor hanging over it.

Of course, Nikon might be trying to crank out one of these suckers too, but the Nikon sensor is going to be a dust magnet with a band at the top of every image, soooo…maybe you should just get the D810 and accept