Medium Format Mirrorless

medium format mirrorless

Rumors have been flying about a medium format mirrorless camera, purportedly being developed by such manufacturers as Sony and Fujifilm.  Such rumors might seem wild, but more than possible given both companies histories.

Medium Format Mirrorless:  Probably Pretty Possible

While I’m hesitant to jump on top of just any rumor that appears on dubious camera news sites, the likelihood of Fujifilm or Sony releasing a medium format mirrorless camera actually seems fairly positive.  Sony’s the innovator at the forefront of the industry, quick to follow up on the success of the Sony A7 and A7r cameras, and the point and shoot RX series.

medium format mirrorless

Given the success of the company’s full frame mirrorless cameras, the impact they’ve had on the photographic community, and the niche they dominate, is it strange to believe Sony could be considering an even larger sensor niche, with greater profit margin?

One thing that might stand in Sony’s way:  that relative dearth of lenses many photographers keep joking about.  Lacking much of a lineup for their existing cameras, this new medium format mirrorless camera might need to sport a mount to accommodate an already-existing roadmap from some other manufacturer.  Bronica Strikes Back, anyone?

medium format mirrorless

Of course, Fujifilm seems even likelier to churn out a medium format mirrorless, especially when one considers the company’s long-running successes in medium format film cameras.  In addition to this history, recent success with fixed-lens digital range finders like the X100 and X20 mean the biggest hurdle for Fujifilm would simply be a larger sensor and (maybe) a larger body.  

While it might be preferable to see interchangeable lenses for a medium format mirrorless Fujifilm camera, it seems doubtful as the vast majority of Fuji’s rangefinders (especially those in medium format) tend to sport a fixed lens.

medium format mirrorless

While all of this is pure speculation, it doesn’t seem too far out there, given the facts, and way the industry seems to be headed, with every manufacturer (except Nikon and Canon) attempting to find their niche.


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