Introducing Sennheiser URBANITE Headphones

While XYZ is primarily photography, every now and then we’ll talk about a product we find particularly interesting. Today we will take a look at a new Sennheiser headphone that just hit the market this month.

Sennheiser URABNITE is geared toward the average listener, a crowd sennheiser isn’t exactly known by. Typically Sennheiser is known for their extremely balanced headphones that generally take root in more “industry” communities such as musicians, DJ’s, A/V people, pilots, and travelers and more. However in a departure form their norm Sennheiser has opted to create a headphone that goes after today’s Beats By Dre obsessed youth.

With a cheeky & bizarre ad campaign Sennheiser looks to capture today’s youth by making them laugh and simultaneously learn about why the headphone they have been listening to stink. Playing on Sennheisers German hermitage the new ads feature a life sized version of the headphone as a hopeless romantic with a heavy Germanic accent.

How to The Sennheiser URBANITE Stack Up To Beats By Dre?

Beats by dre feature what is known as a “smiley face EQ” what this means is that the lows and highs are deliberately tuned way higher than they should be to give the effect of really hard and intense bass. While this can be great at times, the life sized Urbanite reminds us that “harder isn’t always better”. Sennheiser Urbanite offer a great low end, on with much more bass than the average sennheiser headphones but without being over exaggerated or too fluffed up. The thing about having tons of bass in the EQ of a pair of headphones is that you end up missing a lot of the frequencies in between the lows and highs that often make up the melodies of the song. What you are left with is a really muddy sound.

Sennheiser on the other hand has figured out how to add just enough bass to the headphones that the average listener loves the sound. Previously many people who like genres of music that rely heavily on the lower frequencies for their “driving force” felt that Sennheiser headphones were too “tinny” for their liking. Not the Sennheiser Urbanite, music lovers of all genres love the Urbanite and it’s clarity and booming lows.

The Urabnite is built for life on the go. One of the fist full sized fully collapsible headphones from Sennheiser, the Urbanite is ready to fold up and go anywhere, unlike the momentum, Sennheiser’s last take at a life-style headphone.

If you’re looking for an affordable headphone that’s going to last for years to come, the Urbanite might be the choice for you, with its replaceable cable, folding design, and its nearly unbreakable headband. With a price tag of only $199.95 the Urabnite is considerably more affordable than most beats by dre headphones being sold. While the price may be less, these headphones truly deliver more with their great sound and awesome design. With unbeatable comfort these headphones will allow you to enjoy your music anywhere with stunning clarity and presence.


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