Fujifilm X-S1 Digital Camera Review, Photo Sample Images, Video Testing NYC

We were fortunate enough to test the new Fujifilm X-S1 Digital Camera during one of New York City’s most festive and fun events – The St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Although the X-S1 looks like a DSLR, it has a fixed 26x 24-624mm lens with a very fast (for this zoom range) f/2.8 maximum aperture at the wide-angle end of the zoom (it goes to f/5.6 at longer focal lengths). That’s a 26x zoom lens. A true wide-angle 24mm to a truly awesome 624mm telephoto and everything in between. Plus, a super macro setting that allows you to get your shot right up to 1/2″ from your subject–there’s hardly a photo you can’t capture with this camera.

The 2/3″ EXR CMOS sensor captures both high res stills and 1080p HD video at a maximum resolution of 12MP. The X-S1 has both a large, tiltable 3″ LCD monitor and a sharp 1440,000-dot electronic viewfinder (EVF). Naturally, it captures RAW as well as JPEG files. Sensitivity from ISO 100 to ISO 12800 gives you confidence that you’ll always get the shot, no matter how dim the light.
The solid construction of the X-S1 include touches like metal dials on top, a textured rubber-like finish for a solid grip, and the ability to use the built-in flash for macro shots as close as 11.8″. The overall structure is designed to minimize moisture and dust.

The film simulation mode allows you to mimic the look of Velvia, Provia or Astia Fuji films, or produce gorgeous black and white images with or without filtration. You can even bracket dynamic range, film simulation, exposure or ISO sensitivity for any given situation. This camera is ready to play.

Fujifilm X-S1 Product Features:

  • 12MP Resolution
  • EVF and 3.0″ Tilt LCD Screen
  • 24-624mm (Equivalent) 26x Zoom Lens
  • Fast f/2.8 Maximum Aperture
  • 1080p HD Movie Recording
  • RAW Shooting & In-Camera Processing
  • Manual Pop-Up Flash
  • Up to 12800 ISO High Sensitivity
  • ISO, AE, Film Simulation Bracketing
  • High Quality Construction

Video footage taken with the Fujifilm X-S1:

Photos taken with the Fujifilm X-S1:

Fujifilm XS-1 NYC Photo 01
Fujifilm XS-1 NYC Photo 02
Fujifilm XS-1 Camera NYC Photo 03
Fujifilm XS-1 Camera NYC Photo 04

For Fujifilm X-S1 pricing and availability, visit the Fujifilm X-S1 product page or visit the H and B Digital camera store in NYC.

More Product Details:

F2.8-5.6 Fujinon 6.1-158.6mm Optical 26x Zoom Lens (24-624mm Equivalent)

Extensive Focal Length Range (24mm-624mm) and Bright F-Values (F2.8-F5.6)
Featuring a 12-group, 17-element lens configuration, the manual optical 26x zoom is a masterpiece of FUJINON technology. The extravagant adoption of high optical performance glass lens elements (aspherical, high refractive index, and ED glass lenses) make the exceptional brightness of F2.8 at wide angle and F5.6 at telephoto possible.
4 Aspherical Lenses
By using 4 high-performance aspherical lenses, the X-S1 delivers sharp image quality with rich resolution. These lenses also contribute to a more compact overall lens configuration and the X-S1’s compact body size ensuring you can easily take it everywhere with you.
ED Lens
ED lenses are included for prevention of chromatic aberrations and muddy colors. In order to minimize chromatic aberration which tends to occur when taking telephoto shots with a long zoom lens, two ED lenses made of extra-low dispersion glass have been adopted in the lens configuration. Adoption of one large-diameter ED lens in the first lens group reduces axial chromatic aberration that can occur at high zoom settings.
Super EBC
All the lens elements used in the X-S1 have been treated with multilayer Super EBC (Electron Beam Coating), the same process used for Fujinon broadcasting video lenses and large-format camera lenses acclaimed by professionals. Reducing ghosting and lens flare, the treatment promises clear image quality.
Versatile Shooting Style
Optimized for exquisite detail all the way to the edge of the image–the FUJINON Lens and the EXR CMOS Sensor are the cutting edge of original FUJIFILM high-performance technology. These key devices have not only been adopted in the new X-S1, but also thoroughly optimized for each other, resulting in a synergy that produces high-resolution photos with exceptional resolution from the center to the edge of the image with extremely few aberrations.
OIS Mechanism
Complete control of the camera, without fear of camera shake. Equipped with a newly developed image stabilization mechanism, X-S1 effectively compensates for camera shake even when you press the shutter to capture a subject at extreme zoom.
Metal Lens Barrel
Fast and precise zoom control for the wide photographic range of X-S1–the X-S1 embodies operability that lets you fine tune every shot to perfection. In the easy-to-hold slim zoom lens barrel, the metal cam-driven zoom mechanism delivers a subtle sensation of torque for smooth and precise adjustment.
Soft and Beautiful “Bokeh” Effect
9-blade aperture diaphragm for an expressive “bokeh” effect–special attention has been paid to enabling a beautiful “bokeh” effect. The 9-blade aperture diaphragm lets you artistically put the focus on your subject while creating a softly defocused near-circular background.

Sensor and Processor

12 Megapixel 2/3-inch EXR CMOS Sensor
Only the EXR CMOS sensor can intelligently switch between three original technologies depending on the scene and always capture the moment in exquisite detail and with impressive image quality. Featuring FUJIFILM’s bespoke pixel array, the large 2/3-inch EXR CMOS sensor captures images with impressive resolution.
Optimization of the Sensor and Lens
Sufficient light quantity is collected not only in the center of the sensor, but all the way to the edge area by optimization of both the image sensor and lens.
EXR Processor
Working in tandem with the 2/3-inch EXR CMOS sensor, the EXR Processor achieves a new level of performance. Tapping into the power of its two CPUs, EXR Core and a reconfigurable processor, it provides powerful and speedy processing, even Full HD Movie and high speed continuous shooting.
EXR Technologies Take Beauty to New Extremes
High Resolution (12 megapixels) Wide Dynamic Range (up to 1600%) High Sensitivity & Low Noise (ISO100-12800)
Super High Quality Full HD Movies
Able to capture both photos and movies in high-definition 16:9 format, the X-S1 lets you discover the impact of full-screen HDTV image display.
Clear Full HD Movies Even in Low Lighting
This single unit is capable of capturing video in a broad focal length range from wide angle to telephoto. You can also use manual focus or capture still images during video recording for full-fledged filming pleasure.
HD Image Viewing
Connect X-S1 directly to a high definition TV using the optional HDMI cable to view your video easily on large screen. You can also connect the unit to an external stereo microphone to achieve stereo recording.
High Speed Response
Faster response for fleeting moments–fast 0.18sec. auto focus, 0.01sec. near-instant shutter time lag and the fast 0.6sec. camera startup! Every facet of operation is accelerated so you will never miss a shot.

High Speed Shooting Functions

High Speed Continuous Shooting
Capture action at almost 7fps at full 12 megapixel resolution (max. 8 frames) or shoot at 10fps at 6 megapixel resolution (max. 8 frames).
High Speed Movie
Sometimes things happen too fast for you to see them properly with your own eyes. The X-S1 can freeze the action at up to an amazing 200fps! So you can see every single minute detail and watch things happening step by step in slow motion. High Speed Movie can be recorded at the following speeds and sizes: 200fps (320 x 112 pixels), 120fps (320 x 240 pixels), 70fps (VGA 640 x 480 pixels).
Best Frame Capture Mode
Timing your shot is ever so easy with Best Frame Capture. Half-press the shutter and the X-S1 starts recording photos at 10fps at 6 megapixel resolution. When the moment happens, fully press the shutter button and the camera captures up to 16 frames including pre-recorded frames, giving you the opportunity to select the best shot.

Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) – 100% Coverage 1.44 million Dots of High Definition Quality

Large High-performance EVF Displays the Scene in Bright Beautiful Detail
Framing and composing shots while viewing the large 0.47-inch screen with 1,440,000 dot resolution in the X-S1 electronic viewfinder is a true pleasure. The image projected by the bright LCD panel is clearly carried to your eye with high fidelity through 2 glass lens elements and 1 aspherical lens. The EVF boasts a wide 26° field of vision and brightness.
Even at Telephoto, What You See in the Viewfinder Is What You Get in Your Photo
The unique advantage of EVF is its ability to give you an accurate depiction of what the final image will look like. Depth of field, color temperature, color mode and other desired image quality settings are reflected in the image displayed in the viewfinder without the influence of the lens F-value so you can compose the image without guesswork. The final photo reflects exactly what you aimed to create in the viewfinder.
Electronic Viewfinder with Eye Sensor
Put your eye to the EVF and Eye Sensor automatically switches display from the LCD to the highly responsive viewfinder.
LCD Monitor–3.0-inch Tilting LCD Screen
Compose shots at even the most difficult angles with this useful tilting 460,000 dots of resolution, LCD screen. The monitor features the monitor sunlight mode for improved viewability even under bright sunlight outdoors. Press and hold the “EVF/LCD” button at the back of the camera down for a few seconds to activate this mode.

Performance of X-S1

Precision Grip of All-Metal Dials
Precision milled from solid metal, the mode and command dials not only accent the high quality look, but also respond to your touch with just the right amount of torque resistance and a satisfying ‘click’ sensation.
All-Metal Lens Hood for the Look and Feel of Quality
The pursuit of premium quality extends to the high-precision finish of the all-metal Lens Hood and Lens Ring and multiplies the pleasure of ownership.
“Made in Japan”, the Mark of Premium Quality
Each and every part of this camera is the product of high precision engineering and the highest quality standards.
Rubber-Like Coating
Coated in a rubber-like texture for a high quality finish, the X-S1 welcomes your hands with a comfortable and sure grip.
Large Button
Individual operation buttons are sized and laid out on inclination to ensure ease of use in outdoor photo opportunities.
Superb Flash Performance Even Close Up
Simultaneously raising and sliding the flash slightly forward, the pop-up flash system lets you take flash macro shots as close as 11.8″ (0.3 m) from the subject.
Body structure that keeps off moisture and dust–the body features sealing around lids (for card slot, etc.) and rubber ring on the lens to prevent the entry of moisture and dust. Combined with the integrated lens that does not require replacing, the entire system delivers a high level of tightness.

Intelligent Digital Zoom

Digitally Double Your Zoom and Still Enjoy Excellent Resolution
For telephoto shots beyond the 26x optical zoom range, Intelligent Digital Zoom doubles your zoom to the equivalent of 52x zoom and delivers excellent sharpness and detail.

Film Simulation Mode

Color Photography
Just like choosing the ideal film for your creative direction, this easy-to-use mode lets you simulate the color and tonal qualities of color reversal film types loved by professional photographers: the true-to-scene natural look of PROVIA, the vibrant tonality and saturated colors of Velvia, and the silky soft look and beautiful skin tones of ASTIA. The X-S1 makes it simple to take photographs with distinctive Fujichrome color, a quality that only film could previously capture.
Monochrome Photography
Replicating the effects of monochrome film photography, the X-S1 lets you use color filters to expand your photographic interpretation. Heighten contrast with the Ye filter and R filter. Brighten greens and deepen reds with the G filter. Just as you once selected a filter and printing paper to complement your creative vision, the X-S1 empowers expression with a choice of an array of image quality enhancement functions.

RAW Functions

In-Camera RAW Converter
The X-S1’s built-in RAW data converter lets you view and edit your results without the need for your PC. The conversion of RAW data not only takes into account exposure compensation, white balance and other in-camera image quality control settings, but also lets the user apply Film Simulation modes in the converter mode.
Special X-S1 RAW Conversion Software Included
For the management, viewing and converting of RAW image data on your PC, you will find SILKYPIX viewer and RAW conversion software included. The special X-S1 version of this software ensures versatility and ease of use, plus movie playback functionality.
RAW Button
The default format is JPEG, but if you want to take the next shot in RAW, with just a touch of the RAW Button, you can switch to JPEG+RAW and capture the next scene in both formats.

Powerful Built-In Auto Bracketing Functions

Dynamic Range Bracketing
Capture 3 exposures of the same scene with high speed continuous shooting, each at a different dynamic range setting (100%, 200% and 400%).
Film Simulation Bracketing
A single exposure produces 3 images of the scene, each with a different Film Simulation effect (PROVIA, Velvia and ASTIA).
AE Bracketing
One press of the shutter captures 3 shots of the same scene at different exposures. AE bracketing can be set in ±1/3, ±2/3 and ±1 EV steps.
ISO Sensitivity Bracketing
Based on a single exposure, the scene is automatically reproduced as 3 images, each with a different ISO sensitivity and without changing the shutter speed and aperture, letting you capture the moment with varying degrees of brightness. Setting is possible in ±1/3, ±2/3 and ±1 EV steps.

Customization Functions

2 Fn Buttons for Assignment of Frequently Used Functions
Customize operation with smooth one-touch control during shooting, just by assigning frequently used functions to two step-saving function buttons (Fn1/Fn2).
Save Custom Settings
Create, save and assign custom settings to the Custom Modes (C1/C2/C3) on the Mode Dial for instant recall of user-defined settings from ISO sensitivity to white balance.

Image Quality Control

Kelvin Value Setting
In addition to Auto White Balance, the X-S1 also offers a choice of 9 white balance presets to compensate for the color of different light sources. Users can also set a Custom White Balance using a gray card or other surface, or select the optimum Kelvin value.
Precise White Balance Setting
For precision correction of white balance, or to explore the creative effects you can achieve from filters, the X-S1 lets you fine tune white balance by adjusting R (red) ⇔ Cy (cyan) and B (blue) ⇔ Ye (yellow) in ±9 steps.
ISO Sensitivity Setting Range
Select the broad sensitivity range of ISO100-3200 for shooting at full 12 megapixel resolution. When sensitivity is the priority, set maximum sensitivity up to ISO12800 (S size). For automatic setting of the optimum sensitivity up to ISO3200, choose AUTO. By assigning this range setting function to the Fn Button, extended sensitivity is available at a touch of a button.
49 Points Selectable AF
Within the 49-point matrix of the auto focus area in the screen, AF accurately and swiftly recognizes the primary subject and brings it into crystal clear focus. It also lets you freely select the position of the AF frame. Using the LCD monitor, you also can change the AF frame size and pinpoint the focusing.
Focus Mode Selector (AF/S, AF/C and MF)
The focus mode selector lever to the right of the lens lets you instantly switch between AF/S (Single AF), AF/C (Continuous AF) and MF (Manual).
Motion Panorama 360 – Photo Gallery Quality
Just sweep the camera right-left or up-down to shoot giant panoramas up to 360°. When you view the panorama playing back on your camera or personal computer, you can enjoy a seamless panorama image with both ends stitched together to create a “cylinder” view.

Playback Functions

Shooting Data Display
Display exposure and other shooting information at the image was taken.
Focus Point Zoom
Zoom in on the focus point of the captured image to check focal precision, blur, etc.
Close-ups of detected faces are shown in slideshow style.
Red-Eye Removal
When face is detected, red-eye removal automatically detects and corrects flash reflection for a perfect end result.
Picture Search
Easy search function allowing you to display images by date, and by other categories including those featuring people for quick and fast photo finding.
Photobook Assist
Create a photo album in your camera. Easily accessible and mobile, you can share images with family and friends anytime, anywhere. Installed in-camera, you can create a Photobook folder where tagged images will be stored and organized accordingly. Your Photobook can also be ordered online for print when connected to the internet, as well as when you go to stores to get your photos printed, images can easily be sorted when tagged.

For Fujifilm XS-1 pricing and availability, visit the Fujifilm X-S1 product page or visit the H and B Digital camera store in NYC.

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