Fuji Instant Rebates and Price Drops

fuji instant rebates february

Starting February 2, Fuji Instant Rebates will be available on several cameras, with outright price drops on the X-E1.  So, with that in mind, if you’ve been considering trying out the X Series, there couldn’t be a better time (financially speaking, that is).

Fuji Instant Rebates!

fuji instant rebates february


Fuji’s current flagship gets a surprising $200 instant rebate, bringing the price down to just under $1000.  If you’ve been eyeing this beauty from afar like I have, now’s your Golden Opportunity, folks.  Why buy the X-Pro1?  A discreet (though not completely silent) shutter kicks off the list of features that make this a wonderful piece of equipment.  Want a hybrid viewfinder (both optical and electronic)?  The X-Pro1 has it.  Want an easy-to-compose double exposure setting?  The X-Pro1 has it.  Want mode dials and manual controls out the wazoo?  The X-Pro1 has them.  Want…

Well, you get the idea.  Definitely well worth the price.

Reg. Price: $1199.95 – $200 instant rebate = Final Price: $999.95

fuji instant rebates february

X-E1 zoom kit

Didn’t they just release this camera?  No, but thanks to its replacement model, this little beast gets the bulk of the savings, with a gigantic $400 off.  An excellent choice for those on a budget who don’t need a hybrid viewfinder, the X-E1 has acquired a reputation for creative control and image quality previously found only in top-of-the-line DSLRs.  You still get nifty features like double exposure, and Fuji’s patented X-Trans Sensor.  The kicker?  Even more features are available through firmware updates, like Focus Peaking for manual lenses.

Reg. Price: $1199.95 – $200 price drop  $200 instant rebate = Final Price: $799.95

X-E1 body

Speaking of those manual lenses, here’s a money-conscious idea:  buy the body only, do without auto focus, and adapt some third party lenses to your X-E1.  You’ll get a prosumer mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses – all for the cost of a mere compact camera.

Reg. Price: $799.95 – $200 instant rebate = Final Price: $599.95

fuji instant rebates february

X-M1 zoom kit

Want to start shooting right away?  Don’t need a pesky EVF?  Fuji has you covered – by laying down even more instant rebates.  The X-M1 is in most respects very similar to the X-E1, but has a more compact design.  You can still swap out lenses, and you still get that lovely sensor that Fuji has been putting in all of their best cameras.  The result?  One heck of a good investment.

Reg. Price: $799.95 – $200 instant rebate = Final Price: $599.95

X-M1 body

What can be said about Fuji Instant Rebates other than that they’re done right, with just about every option covered?  You can also get the X-M1 without a kit lens, should you be the type to prefer crisp primes.  This cameras improved auto focus won’t come in handy if you use old manual lenses, but focus peaking will!  Still not convinced?  Look this price in the eye and tell me you don’t love it.

Reg. Price: $699.95 – $200 instant rebate = Final Price: $499.95

fuji instant rebates february

X-A1 zoom kit

Priced lower than the X-M1, the X-A1 seems to be a nearly-identical model, with the same controls and (as far as I can tell) the same image quality.  However, the X-A1 is an older model and may not have all the newest features you’ll see in the X-M1.

Reg. Price: $599.95 – $200 instant rebate = Final Price: $499.95

fuji instant rebates february


Ah, there it is.  That camera that looks like the X100, but without the dizzying price tag.  It’s got some awesome features – a completely silent shutter, a hybrid viewfinder, a 28-112 mm optical zoom lens, and all the standard Fuji features.  How can it be so cheap?  A smaller sensor won’t make this the camera for everyone, but for those in need of a fun camera that does just about anything, this is the one.

Reg. Price: $599.95 – $100 instant rebate = Final Price: $499.95

fuji instant rebates february


Point and shoots?  Fuji Instant Rebates cover those as well, with the ultra-slim X-Q1.  No-nonsense design (with an f/1.8 lens!!!) might have you fooled, but it’s not all business:  a dedicated WiFi button allows for instant uploading to other gizmos without the need for user names or passwords.

Reg. Price: $499.95 – $100 instant rebate = Final Price: $399.95


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