Detailed Information on Canon TS-E Lenses

Detailed Information on Canon TS-E Lenses 

Canon TS-E 17mm

Have you ever wondered what’s the used of the TS-E lenses?

These lenses are perfect for architectural photography and landscape shoots wide angle. These ones allows you to do rotational movements of three types: Tilt, shift and rotation. These settings can be used individually or simultaneously to alter the relationship of the optical axis of the lens until the plane of the sensor (or film).

Tilt = the target can reach a large area of land. Actually, the focusing point will increase the distance in the depth of field.Use this feature to selectively keep objects in or out of focus in the picture.

Canon Example using the shift technique

Shift = The lens shift adjustment moves sideways parallel sensor plane changing perspective distortion – improving the picture you want to take. The change allows the sides of tall buildings look like they are made in parallel – instead of converging lines. Also, highly reflective objects can use lens shift – the camera can be placed outside reflection to the frame and the outlook remains as if it was shot from the front. This is one of the best features of these objectives.

Rotation = This can be rotated up to 180 degrees. This feature can be very valuable for some photographs in very difficult angles.

Canon is not the only one that makes these lenses, Nikon also has rotating lenses.
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