The Panasonic 4K Action Camera

panasonic 4k action camera

Every one I know who wants an action camera, wants a GoPro.  They seem to dominate the market, with no sign of slacking their grip on consumers’ wallets.  But just arrived on the scene, the Panasonic 4K action camera – the HX-A500 – may carve out a piece of the market share…or fail miserably.

The Panasonic 4K Action Camera:  a Different Approach

Innovation is a lovely thing about camera technology:  with every new feature comes multiple ways of delivering it.  So it might not seem like a shock to some (or even many) that Panasonic’s action camera is a bit different in appearance.

The body of the camera itself – the user interface – looks like my old MP3 player.  Not a Zune or a retro iPod.  No, it looks like one of those MP3 players I picked out of a bargain bin at KMart a la 2005.  Attached to this is a cable, and the camera lens, looking not unlike a microphone, or God-knows-what.

panasonic 4k action camera

As you can see, wearing this sucker in public might not be the most low-key thing you could ever do, but then a Panasonic 4k action camera isn’t exactly low-key in any respect, and least of all in terms of specifications.

Sporting WiFi and NFC, and with added measures of waterproofing and dustproofing, the camera offers video capture in multiple formats and speeds:  4k at 30 fps, 1080p at 60fps, 720p at 120fps, and 480p at 240fps.  

panasonic 4k action camera

So you can use this baby to capture yourself kayaking or mountain-climbing, or walking your dog.  That’s what people use GoPro cameras for, right?

The early adopters will probably be on top of this when it becomes available – the UK will see it in May, and North America sometime in July.  While it may not completely replace its entrenched rival, this Panasonic 4k action camera definitely plays on the latest and greatest in video capture – being the first action camera to record in 4k and thus, already bringing it to the attention of some.

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