Increasing Online Visibility for Your Photography

increasing online visibility

A new year means new opportunities for growth, so make sure you’re making the most of your photography by increasing online visibility for your work.  There are a lot of great options out there, and while many of us probably already have a Twitter, Flickr, and professional website, there’s still plenty of other avenues to consider.

Four Platforms for Increasing Online Visibilty for Your Photography

1.  Tumblr

Still growing, and no longer just the province of trust-fund hipsters, this blogging platform allows free or paid layouts – both with HTML code you can tailor to your needs.  A popular relationship with younger crowds and the more vocal sectors of the internet mean you’ll receive a fair amount of traffic without having to actually do anything.

increasing online visibility

Viral images or photos with a viral appeal will work best on Tumblr, where users like or reblog material over and over again, growing your traffic exponentially.

2. WordPress

An excellent alternative to the DIY approach, WordPress can give you a photo blog or a pro-looking website, complete with all the plugins and widgets you need to make the most of your web experience.  The online community that this site has already fostered enhances its appeal, with plenty of tutorials for anything you could possible want to do.

increasing online visibility

WordPress is a great platform for just about any kind of image, but I especially recommend those photos that form the backbone of your portfolio.  The strong sale-makers for your clients.  

3. Smugmug

Upload, share, and sell.  What’s not to love?  The site offers many photographers more than just a shot at increasing online visibility.  Photographers subscribing to Smugmug can make money from the sale of their prints.  Photographers take the photos and Smugmug handles prints, shipping, and customer service, as well as legal fees.  All for a 20% cut.  Not bad indeed.

increasing online visibility

Excel at Smugmug by showcasing your work that will sell – think of images people would buy for consumption, and post, post, post!

4. 500px

Just when Flickr started to suck, another website came to fill its need.  Photographers the world over are rejoicing and joining up, with easy connectibility to Facebook not only increasing online visibility, but multiplying the relevance of your photos in social media.  And as an added bonus, there is no “save” option when users right-click on an image (regardless of browser), discouraging theft of your images.

increasing online visibility

Here is a site where you can let your creativity fly.  With as much focus on creative genius as Flickr used to have, this option guarantees your hard work and vision won’t go unnoticed.  

So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and get seen.  Great images deserve to be shared, and with all the confusing technology out there today, it really is time we started using it to our advantage.

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